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FullService FMA

If it's FMA, It's fine!

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Welcome to fullservicefma. This is sort of an “anything goes” place for FMA fans of all sorts. Please feel free to come on in and look around. The rules here are simple.

1) You may post anything you want as long as it is FMA related, Icons, Fic's, Drabbles, Fanart, Questions, FMA Items for Sale etc.
2) Please cut all possible spoilers and entries longer than 300 words. Especially with questions and answers. We try not to spoiler people to death.
3) No introduction posts without content
4) Yaoi, Yuri and Het are all fine. Please simply provide a rating. Label all things that are not worksafe.
5) No Flaming, No trolling. A good rule to go by for commenting is as follows: ask yourself if it is a comment you would like to receive. If the answer is 'no', then just don't make a comment. For concrit? Have questions on what that is? This is a bit of a rant, but it should help clear some things up. Ignore the personal soapbox here and take the raw information for what it’s worth: ((What Is Concrit?))
7) No spam, but cross posting is just fine. The more the merrier.
8) Don't steal other peoples work and call it yours. Clearly mark authorship, artistship, circles, etc. That simple.
9) SPORK IS NEVER OKAY. If you don’t like it, leave it the hell alone or go to a community where it is encouraged. It isn’t here. If I see it, or anything like it, it will be deleted without warning. Abuse is never acceptable here, even abuse under the guise of “concrit.” Questions on what that is? Please see the link in rule #5.

Here is an example of a template for Fiction:


Something of this effect is useful for placing before cuts. A modified one might be a good idea for icon or art posts.

Further more:

In this community it is my pleasure to have /you/ post. It is /my/ privilege as a mod to have you around. Your posts are your posts and you may modify them at any time. Especially if it is to avoid “wank” situations. I understand that post and thread deletion is occasionally necessary to prevent nasty situations. That is why you may do so at your discretion. This is a community. Pissing matches are discouraged. Take WANK and SPORK to personal journals, not here.

Have questions to ask? That’s fine. No one wants to hunt the archives for hours. Use common sense though, if the person just before you asked the question and got answers, well, you know, don’t post the exact same question immediately. But we are here for you, so ask questions okay? No one will bitch you out unless the want to feel my WRATH. Or something. ^_^

Now for my legal responsibilites:

By opening this community in a browser window to read fiction, by joining, commenting or otherwise, you agree that you are of the legal age to view/read/whatever anything that /may/ have adult content. You also agree to hold harmless Lj. Myself. Other Moderators. And Authors/artists on this page.

We aren't an adult only community, but it is your responsibility to follow the rules of the age of majority for your area when clicking on something that has an adult label.

It my is my responsibility as a moderator to make sure that stuff is marked and behind a cut. It is your responsibility to follow the laws in your area.

Here it is again, in case you missed it:


That’s about it. If you need me for anything you can find me on MSN: jadequest@hotmail.com AIM: xograyfoxox or email: Jadequest@hotmail.com or my personal journal: jadedsilk@livejournal.com





Sister Website:

Friends banners: ((please upload these images onto your own server :D))


Hey guys, just a quick update. We aren't going anywhere. I'm not giving up on this comm until they delete and ban it. I really think this is going to blow over, and everything should be business as usual. This comm is a quiet little haven where people can go to get away from a lot of what goes on in the bigger FMA comms. I know that, and I love this place. I wish I could save and transfer this, but I think it would take three years XD. If for any reason whatsoever this community disappears? It has a sister site at Greatest Journal:


Again, this is merely a backup plan in case of the worst, so make a quick note of it, and then keep on keeping on. I'm not letting these jokers win, but if you need to take off, I understand. Maybe if you bolt from the community here you can come join the one at Greatest Journal.

Thank you all for your wonderful fictions, fanarts and all the neat stuff in between.

Your Mod

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