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Housewife, FMA ladyfest

This was written for likeadeuce, for the fma_ladyfest 2012.
Prompt: Izumi Curtis. I'd like to know about how she became an alchemist/ how she relates to other alchemists. I'd adore something where she knew Berthold Hawkeye and young Riza, but seriously anything about Izumi would be awesome.


Title: Housewife

Rating: K+


Summary: There is a flow in the earth.

A/N: Ended up doing a bit of an introspective piece about her relating to other alchemists. All alchemists are scientists, but I don’t think a lot of them truly appreciated some of the more philosophical aspects of it unless they had opened the Gate. Izumi, out of all of them, due in part to her personality and her loss, seemed to think the most about it. I think that would separate her a lot from other alchemists, and I also think it’s a big part of why she never wanted to be a State Alchemist. Hope you like it!

 Disclaimer: Nope, don't own FMA or anything related.

The world flows on. )
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