April 30th, 2006

Eclipsing the Sun- LustxRose

Hi guys! I'm a new member, and jadedsilk encouraged me to post this...so here it is! ;)

Last night my dear friend theladyfeylene was feeling really down, so I decided to write something to cheer her up. She's feeling much better now, for which I am very grateful, but I still hope she enjoys this, especially because she is the person who has inspired so many of my stories, especially the yuri, through her thoughtful encouragement and kindness. This is for you, Fey! *hugs*

Title: Eclipsing the Sun
Pairing: LustxRose
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Lust muses on the human attraction to religion, wondering what place it has in the world of the soulless.
Warnings: umm, church sex?

(She knew that every candle must be extinguished. Once that light had failed, there was no amount of prayer in the world that could bring it back.)

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April Contest is over!

Holy cow, we didn't get as /many/ participants as we were expecting, but boy did we get quality! theladyfeylene and I would like to thank you all for participating and doing a lovely job! Please feel free to use your icons and badges, as a matter of fact, please comment and let me know when you have collected them because I will be breaking the links then. My Photobucket account doesn't have much bandwidth. Please host these images on your own website! Other than that, they are yours! And richly earned! rocketwizzard, please contact either myself (jadedsilk) or theladyfeylene about your icon or drabble prize.


rocketwizzard With: "Afterbirth"

Runner up:

swantonbomb6 With: "Every Morning"


ceirwy: "Second Chance"
hieronymousb: "Darling"
kalliel: "A Madman's Hypothesis Regarding Perfection"
tempest_strife: "Remembering Again"
vwl: "Successor"
yixsh: "New Life"



Keep your eyes peeled for May's challenge! Should be up tomorrow! Thank's again for a month of great FMA Fanworks!

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May Fiction contest for fullservicefma

The goal is to write the winning fiction! The winning prize? A fiction, Icon or Wallpaper of your choice from jadedsilk or theladyfeylene. The winner and runner up get a May winners/ru badge that they may use for posting anywhere, including webpages if they so desire. ^_^ Participants get a may participation badge icon. Tell everyone that your drabble won a prize or that you participated! There are rewards even for the betas who proofread competition entrys! Our overworked and under-appreciated right hand men and women get their own particpant badge that they may use as they like.

Last month's competition was a blast, we expect this month to be even better! Everyone is welcome to participate, everyone will be considered!

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Lust x Ed fanfiction.

Oops! I meant to post this here last night. ^___^;; I'll go ahead and do so now.

Title: Antithesis
Author: Ambre [hieronymousb, 'course]
Rating: NC-17
Genre: It smells of angst.
Spoilers: This is yet another fic which diverges from the canon around the time of the war in Lior, so I think it's a bit too AU for any real EoS spoilers.
Pairing: Lust x Ed. ...Or Ed x Lust. Whichever.
Warnings: Smut, of course! ...NON-CON-ISH, damn it. *facepalm* I really wanted to try for some consensual romping between these two, but that would have taken a longer plot-oriented fic (ie what I do for Ed/Envy, wut), and I was just way too lazy to try for a plot-fic. So. Yeah. It tastes of non-con.
Notes: C'mon...isn't Ed/Lust aesthetically pleasing and nonsensical enough to be fun for all?
Count: 5079 words. ...WTF.

(Maybe it was nothing more than a passing fancy, a vague recollection which had thickened in the presence of Lior and war, but when Lust looked at Edward, she saw an intelligence she had known before; she glimpsed warmth, passion, colour, and humanity. The flaws of humanity had been engraved upon his metal limbs, and the potential of humanity was written within his mind)

Envy is Durnk

Or, "Why You Should Stay Away From Sound Recorder When You're Blasted"

What better way to spend a Saturday night than getting drunk and watching FMA on Adult Swim? What better way to end that Saturday night than to whip out sound recorder and ramble into the microphone for two minutes? What better way to ward off the hangover on Sunday morning than to put those sound files to good use?

And here we are. Sketchy animation, Alphonse-mockery, 80's hair bands, the ultimate spelling test, and an unfortunate Edward Elric as bystander. Enjoy! Warnings for profanity and general drunken crudeness.

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